Welcome to ReadMyLips

                                    a website to BOOST YOUR VOCABULARY

                                                            This program is a work in progress, but we try                                                          to build and improve our site frequently. We

                                      are building this learning tool because we think

                                it will be helpful to a lot of people. At some

                            point in life, we have studied vocabulary.

                                    There are many ways to study vocabulary such

                            as making flashcards or going to classes.


They are nice tools, but in our experience, most people do not really have all that much extra time to write down all those words you have to memorize. This is particularly important to people who are hearing impaired. With ReadMyLips, our goal is to help you, increase your vocabulary in a multi-sensational fashion. So whether or not you are hearing impaired, why not give it a try. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel to contact us. Just click on the link provided on the contact button.