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Robert Graves

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Letter From Rob:


Hi, my name is Robert Graves. I have a hearing loss. I’ve had a hard time with some vocabulary words where a person who is non hearing impaired knows what it means, but I don’t.


It was hard for me in school. It was hard when a teacher or a friend would use a word, and I had no idea what it meant. Also tests were the hardest for me. They would put a word on a the test and I would would get the question wrong, because I did not know what the word meant.


My vocabulary is limited. My brothers learn vocabulary everyday by listening. I listen too, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I just don’t hear every word. I have to learn vocab as a lesson.

Did you know that “Children with hearing loss often cannot hear quiet speech sounds such as "s", "sh", "f", "t", and "k", and therefore do not include them in their speech. Thus,their speech may be difficult to understand ( I have helped create this site so people who are hearing impaired don’t just hear the words, but they can also read lips. With Read My Lips there is no time limit, no testing, and it’s FREE!

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